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My climb up the 19,000 foot Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador

Dann the Mann,one of my partners in crime Check out DANN's 40th Birthday Bast!!!

Michelle, Shannon, Jenny, Lisa, Ricky, Dad, Friends and Family pages and photos

Outdoor Stuff:  If I'm not working or sleeping, this is what I'll likely be doing... 

Kayaking  Upside down in a 'yak, without a paddle, 50 feet upstream from a 12 foot waterfall is how I spell "stressed out"!

Mtn. Biking How to play on the ponds and lakes in the middle of February!

Climbing  Rock- and Ice-Climbing trips and photos from across the country

Backpacking  Adventures in the Mountains; and some great info on how to stay alive!

Vermont's Long Trail  My 4 week hike of the 300 mile ridgeline footpath along the spine of the Green Mountains

Tuckerman's Ravine   Most weekends in April and May, if it's sunny, I'm there! Ski it if you dare!

Climbing HomePages 

Lake Titicaca The highest lake in the world

Galapagoes Islands Three weeks of dirt-cheap wildlife, snorkling, and adventures with new friends

Peru Riding a handmade Balsa Tree raft down a rain swollen river deep in the Amazon Rainforest

Colombia Surviving the bus ride thru Cali and Meddian to backpack along the magnificant coastal paradise!

Guatemala Most everyone carries a Machine Gun here, almost like we would carry an umbrella or briefcase

Grand Teton Climbs Our adventures in the Tetons of Wyoming

 AMC The Appalachian Mountain Club of the NorthEast

Hostels  Youth Hostels, the best places to stay for adventure travelers

Boston Harbor Islands One of my favorite places for a weekend of seaside camping

Mount Washington An awesome BIG Mountain; and an excellent winter climb if you enjoy windchill temps of Fifty below Zero!

Cotopaxi Volcano At 19,000 feet, my highest climb so far, and one of South America's highest active volcanos.

Minerets; Ansel Adams Wilderness Incredibly awesome beauty in the Hig Sierra of California, and a great 30th birthday!

Acadia National Park My favorite single place in all of New England

Ashburnham One of the best towns in Massachusetts

Freshwater Mussels Bioindicators of Environmental Integrity

Mount Monadnock One of the best hikes in the NorthEast

Southwest A land of stark beauty!

Wapack Trail A 21 mile ridgeline trail that follows the height-of-land between Mount WAtatic and PACK Monadnock

Mount Watatic An excellent dayhike right outside my back door

Outdoor Science Schools Where to send the kids for summer???

Olympic Peninsula One of the most beautiful coastlines in the Americas

National Parks Links to nearly all the National Parks in America.

Appalachian Trail I've hiked a big chunk of the most famous footpath in the world.


West Coast Trail A very excellent lifesaving trail along the rainforest coast of Vancover Island, British Colombia

Rails-to-Trails These old railroad tracks are being turned into multi-use trails all across America!



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