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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Five day backpack in the Tetons

This was taken in 1987, on my second trip to the Tetons, but my first real backpacking trip there. For three weeks I did circuit backpack trips; up one canyon, and down a different one. I did some more backpacks here in 1990, then came back to do some alpine climbs of  the peaks with Ricky in 1992.


Tim & Ricky scouting a new route up South Teton

Ricky and I spent a week here in 1992. We climbed Middle Teton (the peak on the right in photo) on the day that we got stormed off of the Grand Teton (peak on left). Here we were up in the alpine zone, scouting for a route up South Teton (peak to the right of Middle Teton; not visible in photo).  We made it up, somehow, and had a great day!


In 1994, I had my canoe along, and I got a permit to run the Snake River. For pure scenery and mild whitewater, It is hard to beat that run.  My biggest problem was that I used my bike for a shuttle (instead of my thumb). At the end of the day, my body was totally trashed, but I still had a long windy uphill ride back to the put-in!


Of all the National Parks, the Grand Teton will always be one of my favorite!

Official NPS Grand Teton WebSite

Several of Grand Teton National Park's most popular free publications are now available on this website.

Nice Map of Western N.P.'s with hyperlinks to the parks http://www.nps.gov/parklists/TI/rocky.htm

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