Ice Fishing in New England

The lakes and ponds in New England are frozen for something like 9 or 10 months a year, so on weekends we go Ice Fishing!  On a slow day, we used to call it "ice-drinking" (but the DWI laws ended that years ago!); either way it sure beats hanging out in front of the stupid boob tube all weekend!

Watching sports on television (especially on the weekend days) is total waste of a lifetime!

As Mom used to say; "Go outside and play!"

Ice Drinking, oops,,,, I mean IceFishing!

Playing ice hockey with an empty beer can......Waiting for a flag to trip!
  Playing "ice-hockey" with an empty beer can.          Waiting for a flag to pop up!

We'd buy an old car (this was a $50 Toyota) to use on the ice all winter!

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