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Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire New Years Day Tradition

Not really a climb, but a great hike, and only 25 minutes away!



18,000 feet on Cotopaxi, Ecuador
18,000 feet on Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Halfway up (17,000 feet) Cotopaxi
  This was an excellent climb in Ecuador; check out the full story here.

On summit of Middle Teton, Wyoming
On the summit of Middle Teton, Wyoming, part of 1992 Climbing Roadtrip

My Grand Teton page is here


Pingora, Wind Rivers, Wyoming, 1994
Headed up Wolf'sHead, Wind River Range, Wyoming
(the climb follows the ridgeline from left to right)

Looking at Wolfshead, the climb (along the ridge!) for tomorrow!

I met two older German guys in the parking lot at the trailhead, and the three of us did Pingora and Wolfshead. The photo above is WolfsHead, which follows the entire ridgeline, plus maybe 30 percent more (all four peaks, of which only two are shown). The entire traverse takes a FULL day, so we started with headlamps at three a.m. Rappelling down at the end of the climb, from the extreme far left and out of view, the usual afternoon thunderstorms were bearing down on us. I rapped first, to test the rope and slings, and before the final rap was completed we were in the middle of a hailstorm! Lightning was everywhere! Yee-haw!

These were some of my all-time favorite climbs. Three more pics are below.

Tim Belaying on Wolfshead

Tim belaying on Wolfshead

Summit of Wolfshead

Summit of Wolfshead, just before a big Hailstorm and Lightning show hit. The rappels were horrendous!


Rick (with Tim and Jeff) in Franconia Notch
"Ice-dancing" in the White Mountains of New Hampshire


Climbing in Acadia National Park, Maine
Climbing in Acadia National Park, Maine


The Bugaboos, Canada

Rick and Jan at he "gendarme', Bugaboo Spire, Bugaboo Provencial Park



Mount Washington, New Hampshire,

One of the best winter climbs you will ever find. This photo was taken during a ascent on the first day of winter, 1999, about 1000 feet below the summit and right near treeline. The trees in the background are the last trees before the summit cone.


I've climbed in about two dozen places across the USA, and hope to get to a few dozen others.  My favorites include "City of Rocks" in Idaho, the Bugaboos in Canada, the Tetons and Wind Rivers in Wyoming, New River Gorge in West Virginia, the "Gunks" in New York, and Traprock in Connecticut.

What I really love is steep snow gullies, especially stuff that I can solo without messing with a rack full of gear. Nothing beats a cold but sunny late winter/early spring day in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, picking a zigzag route up through an avalanche chute in the Gulf of Slides, or Huntington or Tuckerman Ravine. Climb on!

The guys that helped me to learn to climb both rock and ice:

The Boston AMC Mountaineering Committee is one very excellent program and group of folks. You would be hard pressed to find a better group of outdoor folks anywhere. They are very different than the other AMC groups; no notebooks and clipboards and sign-in sheets and fees for every little thing. They have truly maintained the spirit of volunteerism that the AMC used to stand for. They consistently put together excellent instructional programs, charging very little or nothing, usually barely enough to cover the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement. On many of their instructional trips, the students simply pay for beer and dinner for the instructors, and maybe a couple extra $ to help replace lost and worn out ropes and gear! The folks that taught me rock and ice techniques; Bill, Al, Pat, Tom & Hadie, Eric, Matt, and most of the others, are still out there instructing newbies (basically for free) ten years later!

My Climb up the 19,300 foot Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador

Rick and Tim  doing the "Ice Thing" in New Hampshire

Climbing in Acadia National Park Maine

Climbing adventures in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming (1987, 1990, 1992, & 1994)

Tim & Ricky's "Three-Month-Rock&RoadTrip" across the USA

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