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Of all the National Parks in America, possibly my favorite is Acadia.  Situated midway up the coast of Maine, I don't think there is anyplace in New England that I enjoy visiting more!

Carridge Road Bridge and hiker on trail.

I've been lucky enough to get up there about a dozen times or so, and often for a week or two.  The camping in the park is to die for! There is also a very cool Youth Hostel in the town of Bar Harbor that I stay at a lot.  The sun setting on the pink granite cliffs in along the ocean is spectacular!

Climbing at Otter Cliffs
 Climbing at Otter Cliffs

Every Memorial Day Weekend the Climbers from throughout New England meet and camp in the park to enjoy some early season climbs.

Fog drifting over Sand Beach; view from Otter CliffsClimbing at Otter Cliffs *
 Fog over Sand Beach, Otter Cliffs, while climbing. Summer '99

  * Anemone Cave, sunrise, Lobster boat and hiker

There is so much to do in the park.  My favorites are;

 I think I've hiked almost every trail in the park at least once, and some I go up every time I'm there. The Precipice is one of those trails not to be missed (if it's open). The place gets pretty crowded by July, so go early or late, but be sure to get there if you ever have the chance!

Acadia National Park Official Website

TELEPHONE (207)288-3338

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