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  Ice Climbing
 What a crazy sport!  You either hate it,, or you get addicted to it!  The beauty is what gets you hooked!  The forest and the mountains are so beautiful in the middle of the winter.  And so quiet and still.  But sometimes things turn bad real quickly,  and knowing when to turn back is the key to survival.  Some of my best winter days were with this crazy fool (Rick) at twenty degrees below zero,  halfway up some huge hanging semi-detached icicle,  laughing at the approaching storm!

  Doing the flow in Franconia Notch with Rick and Jeff!

  Rick on ....???

  A climb in Franconia Notch!  (first belay was in the cave at top left)

Rick on ...???   (something in the Amphitheater, Frankenstien Cliff, Crawford Notch, NH)

Note:  most all of these pics were taken with one of those cheap disposable cameras, then scanned on a cheapo 30bit scanner.


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