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I've been lucky enough to have traveled throughout much of the Western Hemisphere,  including all of the "lower 48", ten Canadian Provinces, and 11 countries between Mexico and Peru. 

Six of these roadtrips have been for three months or more! 

  Soon,  maybe when the Spring rains begin,  I'll put up some more pages of some of the cooler places I've been; places like the Galapagos Islands, the volcanoes in Nicaragua, the highlands of Guatemala,  the coast of Colombia,  and all the incredible places right here in the USA.  Anyone with an inkling to travel; Go for it!  Pack as light as possible. Stuff only what you really need in a van or a backpack, grab a Lonely Planet guidebook,  and hit the road!   

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Disclaimer: Much of the blame for my addiction to adventure travel can be placed on my parents.  As a child growing up in Fort Lauderdale,  some days were hotter than you-know-what!  Numerous Saturday or Sunday drives along the Florida coast were an excellence though temporary escape from the heat.  One year Dad traded in a bunch of Raleigh cigarette coupons for a tent and Coleman stove, we stayed at a couple of State Parks down in the Florida Keys, and the rest is history.  Now we could stay overnight in the Keys, or anywhere else.  Soon we began traveling to Canada every year, and camping all along the way.  Eight people plus a dog in a 9x12 tent was an adventure!  On some trips we would camp in 15 or 20 states.  After college,  I bought a van, worked three jobs to save some money,  and hit the road for three months.  I spent a week or so at many of the National Parks out west,  and became hooked for awhile on traveling.  After a half dozen long roadtrips across America,  I tried backpacking through Central America, and enjoyed one of the finest winters of my life.  My last trip was down to South America.  Every trip gets better.  The folks you meet on the road are a special breed.  Lots of folks travel for a year or two at a time.  The world is big.  We are lucky to live in a time when travel is possible, and relatively easy and inexpensive.  I wouldn't trade any of my trips for all the $$ in the world!  Thanks Mom and Dad for showing me the path through life!

Note:  Additional blame for this affliction must also go to the professors at Fitchburg State College.  Initially I was after an EE degree at ULowell,  but the class was full, so I took a intro Bio course at FSC.  The Bio and Geo courses kept getting better and better! .  Dr.'s Don Schmidt, Neal Armstrong, James Barbato, and all the others made learning a real blast.  The Geo profs, Dr.'s B, C, and G got me thinking about how lucky we are to live in a land so rich in natural wonders! Travel seemed like a natural follow-up to school, and has become a way of life!

Explore the World while you're Young!

Live your Dreams!!!

It'll change your whole outlook on life!

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