Nicaragua was a strange and beautiful place. I really didn't know what to expect there, but I had heard many good reports from others who had been there recently. Also I was alone for the first time in several weeks, for I had been traveling with numerous different folks for a couple months through Belize, Guatemala and most recently Costa Rica.

Two weeks earlier I split up with Heike (she was on a bicycle), but I bumped into her again here on Ometepe, the volcanic islands on Lago de Nicaragua. We climbed the volcanoes together, got completely covered with mud, and were lucky to survive!


This little girl had never seen a "white guy" before! So I broke my cookie in half and gave her the big piece!

Go to Nicaragua if you can. It hasn't yet been spoilt by rich American tourists like Costa Rica (and all the other nice places) have been. The people here were incredibly friendly. It seems that very few tourists visit the country. I found absolutely no hostility at all. The countryside is beautiful.

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