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Anyone who BUYS software in a box,  without having first downloaded and tried it free for at least 30 days,  is nuts!   I've tried several programs, and only the best are worth keeping and paying $$ for. Many are excellent and completely free!

Almost every commercial software program is available as a free download over the Internet. Many are Freeware, some are Adware(advertising makes them free), most are shareware  (try for 30 days, then pay on the honor system [or delete]).   Some of these can rival (or even surpass) some of the most expensive commercial software available. (The same software purchased from a store is usually nonreturnable after being opened). Almost all of them will install easily with just a few mouse-clicks.  What you buy in the store may easily be a couple versions old, but the stuff you download will always be the latest version.  A dozen or so were released today!  All of these are rated by incredibly rigid standards! Here is a list of some terrific collections of software you may visit  and download stuff from free of charge.

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TUCOWS: The Ultimate Collection Of (free) Windows Software, includes:
A HUGE Listing of TUCOWS Shareware, available for free download, is located HERE
TUCOWS Quick Search:

The Ultimate Collection... Microsoft
Official Mega-Site
ZDNet Software Library

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First Looks from ZDNet

Easy Download Guide Five Simple Steps to Downloading Files From the Internet

My Favorite Freeware/Shareware/Adware/Nagware: (All Free Downloads)
The BEST and fastest Graphics Viewer available hands down (per PCMag), this shareware is unbelievable. 
Try this one; you won't be sorry!
NETMEETING An excellent, popular, user-friendly, medium quality FREE Voice and/or Video Conferencing. The best free internet phone! (a component of IE4)
WebFerret The ONLY Search tool you will ever need,  this FREEWARE  rapidly searches 13 engines simultaneously,  and feeds you only one ad. 
Try this one,  you'll never use any other search engine!
Supports over 200 file formats,  Editors Choice of PCMagazine.  30-day trialware. Not free or cheap, but worth trying (and maybe buying if not for ACDSee32v.2.3)
(I seek you)
For finding out if your friends are logged on, paging them, instant-emailing them, etc.  Excellent Instant messaging, file transfer, whiteboard, chat,etc. PCMag Editors Choice.  I use this every day...  Check my ICQ page at:
Tim D's ICQ Pager, InstantMessage, EMail Page...
PowWow Absolutely Free Internet telephone,  up to seven users possible. (I like NetMeeting better so far,  but PowWow will be the leader soon)
For basic one-on-one chat, AIM takes top honors" per PCMag review (I agree) 
GoZilla An Excellent FREE Automatic DOWNLOAD MANAGER.....
(Pro or LE)
Automatic FTP clients; makes uploading and downloading so easy! (PCMag Review- 12-98)
"This is an excellent graphics program which allows you to convert almost any kind of graphic to a any other kind. It also has a great 'capture' ability to make a graphic out of something on your screen.  It's only a 30 day trial, but it's an amazing program." 

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Twin City Computer Club
Download Page
Net1Plus Downloads Ultranet Downloads

How to DOWNLOAD Software
Link to Cresendo Download-For Web Music/Audio, either/both of these- Download Realplayer


 Twin City Computer Club

 PCMagazine Lab Reviews (software, hardware, etc.)
 PCLabs compares and reviews the top 225 utilities

Partition Magic 4.0


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