San Salvador
Bahamian Field Station

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I recently completed a 10 day graduate course listed as "Tropical Marine Field Biology" at this field station! While there we discovered and described a marine worm that was new to science!

A new species!!!

Complete set of pictures, info, and thousands of links to Pictures & Research from Summer Field Courses:  Tropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys, Everglades & Bahamas (Incredible Site!!)

A Simmons College course with a field trip to the Bahamian Field Station, San Salvador (nice site!)

A few dozen PICTURES of the Marine Ecology trip (Simmons College)
Map of the Bahamas and San Salvador
Islands Of The BAHAMAS (General Info)
San Salvador Local Attractions
San Salvador Links

 Bahamas-Online; Facts on The Bahamas (small site of info and links)

Satalite Image of San Salvador Island

Club Med right next door to BFS

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