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Ten years ago I discovered, almost by accident, an incredible hot spring flowing out of the ground, over a waterfall, through a chasm divided into a half dozen pools, and then into the freezing ocean north of Tofino, British Columbia. The only way to get there was by seaplane or mailboat.  We camped for several days right on the ocean,  in a small protected beautiful cove. This taste of paradise was my initiation to the pursuit of natural Hot Springs throughout the Western USA.    Over the years I discovered dozens of awesome natural hot soaks in some beautiful locations.

Hot Springs Cove, Vancover Island, B.C.
This was the first and best HotSpring of a few dozen! (HotSpringCove, B.C.)
Located on a small island north of Tofino, British Columbia, the only way in is by mailboat or floatplane. Very hot mineral water (~108 degrees F.) flows out of the ground, down a slope, and over a small waterfall. It flows through a short chasm containing a series of about six pools, each one slightly cooler than the one above it. The lowest two are level with the ocean, and when the tide is rising the incoming waves flush blasts of freezing cold water up and into those lowest pools! The resulting whirlpool effect is wonderful!  For the few that can stand the intense heat, a natural shower underneath the waterfalls is simply awesome!
Camping is (or was) allowed in the surrounding forest and shores. I camped one night there with Cathy,
Cathy at Hot Springs Cove, British Columbia
a very cool woman from England who was also blown away by the beauty of the place. A week later I met a German girl (Anna), and after backing much of the West Coast Trail we spent three more nights camped at Hot Springs Cove. This place is absolutely incredible!


Tim with German friend at Hotspring in Panama near Boquette Tim and Anne, cooling off in the river next to the Hotspring in Panama
Hotsprings in Panama near Boquette

Trail Creek Hotspring in Idaho, with Ricky, 1992
Tim and Ricky at Trail Creek Hotsprings in Idaho

We soaked at dozens of hotsprings during this 1992 Roadtrip!

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