Boston Harbor Islands

Camped on one of the islands out in Boston Harbor, while Diane and Marty are getting goofy!

Boston Harbor Islands

Boston Harbor Islands camping


Tim and Dann, bivouacked (camping without tent) just above treeline on Mount Washington, near Glen Boulder. The fog rolled up the valleys like an incoming tide early the next morning (undercast), and all the surrounding high peaks looked like "islands in a sea of fog". (notice the reflection in my glasses of my hand holding the camera at arms length.)

Ricky and Dann, Katahdin

Dann in the purple and yellow, on the summit of Katahdin, getting ready to cross the Knife Edge (long ridge in background). Ricky was sort of constipated (note the look on his face) and wasn't sure if he wanted to start off on the two mile roundtrip, with such a heavy load on his mind!

Dann with Homemade Rabbit-skin Hat

Dann with his rabbit-skin hat in Vermont


Dann and John

Dann and John

Dann on Summit

Dann on Mount ???, sipping a cold one!

 Headed to Boston Harbor Islands for the weekend


 Diane, Dann and Tim

Dann-the-Mann singing in the band


Dann, Marty and Brad

Dann trying to adjust his stove as we bivied in a cave!


While hiking, drunken Dann falls,

but doesn't spill a single drop!


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