The Minarets in the Ansel Adams Wilderness
Inyo National Forest
High Sierra, California

During the later stages of the three-month 1987 American backpacking extravaganza, my 30th birthday was approaching. I was looking for a good location to observe it, and this turned out to be the perfect place.  I backpacked into the magnificant backcountry area one afternoon, and ended up staying for several days. I spent a night on Ediza Lake, and another on Shadow Lake.  Anyone looking for an awesome backcountry area to explore should check into this place.

 I set up camp here a couple hours before sunset and went out to explore the ravines.

 Walking around the lake gave a constantly changing perspective of both the horizon and the reflection off the lake.

 Being October, and up pretty high, the temps drop overnight. Here I'm up at sunrise, walking around the lake, looking for a sunny spot to fix breakfast!

  Early morning, waiting for the sun to peak over the ridgeline.

Next time I get out there I'll will definitely be looking to climb Ritter Mountain and Banner Peak, two awesome backcountry scrambles.

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