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Our neighbor to the north, Canada, is a paradise for visitors and travelers.  I've spent many weeks and months there, and have been to and camped in about 10 of the provinces.   I still hope to get up to the Yukon and Northwest Territories someday.



British Columbia is so full of variety.  Vancouver Island is awesome. The 100 mile West Coast Trail is a backpackers paradise. There are hot springs everywhere.  Vancouver is one of the best cities in North America. The eastern part of the province, near the border of Alberta, is just loaded with stuff to do.  The Canadian Rockies, in my opinion, are the Ultimate mountain area in all of North America.

Alberta is a land of contrasts. The eastern half is flat and mostly farms and grain.  The western part is Big Big mountains. I've been luckily enough to get out there on three different occasions, and on two of those trips I was on my way up to Alaska. Both times I never made it to Alaska!  Both times I was so blown away at the awesomeness of the Canadian Rockies that I realized that they were everything I was looking for!  This has happened twice.  I now realize that the only way I will ever get to Alaska is to stay far away from them, and instead take the ferry up the inside passage.

Nova Scotia is one of the special places on this continent.  The little fishing villages and picturesque harbors are so friendly and accessible.  The two national parks. and the Cape Breton area are two of my favorite places.  Biking on the island is very popular, and I've planned trips twice, but been rained out both times.  There is now a fast ferry that gets you from Maine to the island in a couple hours.

Prince Edwards Island (PEI) is a very cool funky place, not to be missed if you are visiting Nova Scotia. The second time I went there was with Brad when we were both around 20.  He and I spent three weeks there, just traveling around the island and visiting all the different beaches.  He had his guitar, and we would just sit in the dunes of red sand and play tunes all afternoon.  Ah, life was good!

Newfoundland is strangely beautiful. The ferry ride takes about ten hours each way! The time zone there is two and a half hours before EST.  Figure that one out!  I spent a couple weeks there, and drove all over the island. Saw some icebergs there in August!  Gros Morne National Park is one of those places that I will get back to some day. If you've been there, you know that there is nowhere else on this continent that compares.

Ontario; been there 10 times, all my mom's family is from there.  Camped on the big lakes there several summers while growing up. Lots of great memories, but now i'm much more into wilderness, mountains, etc.

Quebec is cool, especially the old Quebec City.  The place is very un-American; it seems like some old european city.  Very cold though; I was there at Christmastime once. Burrrrr!

New Brunswick; sportsman's paradise is the provincial motto. Usually just passed through on my way to Nova Scotia, but once spent a couple weeks driving the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. Nice enough, but Nova Scotia and PEI are really more of the kind of places I go back to year after year.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Jeez, drove all the way through both of them on the trans-Canada highway four times, but mostly just driving and camping on the way to the Rocky Mountains. Pretty places.  Lots of farms, and silos. Very tranquillo.

The Gendarme, Bugaboo Spire climb
The Gendarme, Bugaboo Spire climb, 1992 roadtrip


Had some minor problems with Customs in Canada a couple times. On my 1987 roadtrip, I didn't have enough cash in hand at the border, so they wouldn't let me in. They said $300 wasn't enough for two weeks vacation! So I just said frig 'em, and spent my time and money in the good 'ol USA.   Also, on our 1992 Roadtrip, Ricky and I had some fun with the custom folks; for the story on "...roaches in the ashtray..." go check out that page.

A couple years ago, I was on holiday in Colombia for several weeks. I had an airpass (three flights anywhere for $99/US) and traveled all over the country.  Its a bit dangerous for Americans to travel there, due to all the stuff we have done to their land over the years. Seems we blame much of our drug addicts, etc.,  on them. The citizens there are fine, but its the police and other officials that give some Americans a hard time.  But of course, the whole time I was there, whenever anyone asked  "De donde? (where are you from?)",   I always replied,  "Ca'na'da', eh!"

Canada is a great place to visit, eh!

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