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I used to drink a lot of the cheap American Bud/Miller/Coors swill. Occasionally we would drink the good 'ol Canadian brews.  But after a couple pints of Bass and Guiness, I realized just how good real  beer could taste.  After a few years of sampling and supporting all the local craft-brewers,  I took a stab at brewing my own.  Big mistake!  I've brewed so many excellent 5 gallon batches that now I can hardly stand the cheap domestic swill, except maybe on a really hot day, (or when someone else is buying!).
Chocolate Stout or Porter in Winter, Maibock in Spring, Summer Wheat in July, Octoberfest in Fall, Christmas Ale in December, and India Pale Ale for all the other seasons!
Nothing beats a tall fresh homebrew!
      Finest, Freshest Ales from the Berkshires to Boston   

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Yankee Brew News (N.E.'s Beeriodical)
Ale Street News (an excellent online publication)
WACHUSETT Brewery (Right next door in Westminster, MA)

good 'ol Samuel Adams

Mass BrewPubs
Partial listing of National brews and breweries
Martha's Exchange Brewpub, Nashua NH
Movin' to Montana (FZ midi sound file)

Green Mountain Breweries

The best beers in America? by John Hansell


Mike's Alphabetic Beer List

RedHook Brewery
FTP site of beer lables
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