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I spent about a dozen excellent years on Bare Hill Pond, camped on its many islands, and plowed a houseboat around its shores before Jodi and Alan bought the place, fixed it up, and invited the whole clan out every summer!

Ice-Skiing on the rockingchair! #
Here is a picture looking out the back window of Al's car, with him in the rocking chair being pulled around the pond by a car with a towrope. Back in the '80 when vehicles were still allowed to drive out onto the pond in winter, we used to spend all weekend cruising around on the ice. We had an old wicker rocking chair with iron runners that we used to pull all around the pond. You could steer with your feet, and those that were really good at it could get some nice airtime hopping over the jumps that would form from the ice heaves!  Just like water-skiing, when you are on the outside of a turn while the driver is accelerating, you can expect to end up going an awful lot faster than ya really wanted to!


Patrick, Julliette and Tim at the campfire near the pond.
 We always had a good campfire going down by the water!

Our camp before all the trophy houses took over!
 This was our home, "the camp", in the mid 1980's, before all the trophy houses moved in.

Fishing at sunrise from Gary's camp.
 Fishing at sunrise.

Ellie and her friends fishing for breakfast!
  Patrick, Ellie, Cormac and Michelle fishing for breakfast.

Morning ritual; pulling up the trap.
 The minnow trap....

The kids checking the minnow trap for crawfish and other critters!
  The bait trap; full of crawdads and other critters!  Watch out for them pinchers...

Brad with a bass, 1982
 Brad with a nice Largemouth Bass!

Big Daddy!  1990's
  Big Daddy, another nice bass.

Fishing from canoes
 Fishing from canoes, the way it used to be.


Michelle, Lisa, Shannon, and Tim (with the upside down beer; ???) cruising in Alan's boat.



We used to be able to drive cars out on the frozen pond before all the yuppies moved in, tore down the summer camps, and put up their trophy mansions. This was an old Toyota that we bought for $50, and kept out on the ice all winter. We used it mostly for ice-fishing, pulling skiers, and doing the occasional "icejump".

 "The Houseboat"

"The Houseboat"

"The Houseboat"

"The Houseboat"

"The Houseboat"

"The Houseboat"

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