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Alpine Meadows
The Ultimate hiking experience!

Ya gotta get up high, maybe 10 or 12 thousand feet, and carry on your back whatever you need for a few days, but the rewards are spectacular!   Colorado, Wyoming,  Montana, British Columbia, Peru; it just keeps getting better the more remote you get.

12,000 feet; alpine flowers everywhere!
 Alpine flowers everywhere!  I've spent dozens of nights up in these special places, and they each have their own special memories.

Headed for the ridge, and hoping the Grizz see me coming early enough to let me pass!
  If you are gonna see Grizzly Bear,  this is the place!  (Bring your camera and lots of nerve!)

The lake looks great for a bivy, but up to the ridge first for sunset and dinner!
 If you can go ultra-lightweight, ang bivouac overnight in these special  high places, you'll be in for a treat that you will never forget!

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